Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bank Mortgage Domain Names for Loan Referrals

WWW.AVOIDBANK.COM is a way to avoid the bank and create a mortgage type of website that is also considered WWW.AVOIDBANKS.COM which is basicaly another way to same the same thing. You cab also WWW.AVOIDTHEBANK.COM or avoid the bank entirely by getting a mortgage loan outside of the bank.

WWW.BANK-REFERRALS.COM is really what the loan or mortgage broker is trying to do when he or she is soliciting for mortgage business that was turned down from a banker or the bank. The appropriate website for the type of bank lending is one that has a bank referral or WWW.BANKREFERRALS.COM

Some other mortgage domains are to be found in other loan website locations around the mortgage lending arena. One curiousity is a mortgage domain that is personal and about mortgage loan officers who do mortgage loans and create a website to boot.

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