Saturday, June 28, 2008

Selling a Short Sale in Bay Florida

Selling a short sale in Bay County Florida is easier said than done. First you must contact the real estate mortgage holder in bay County and let them know the Bay COunty property is a candidate for foreclosure at the Bay County Courthouse. Next, you must submit a short sale package to teh Bay County short sale negotiator.

Did you get a real estate short sale contract on teh Bay County property? You will need that in the real estate for Bay County to be successful with your realtor. Take your time and evaluate the MLS first.

Finally, sell you Bay County short sale to the FHA buyer at a fair price. This is how you sell a short sale in Bay County Florida. And that is contrary to teh real estate in the state of FLorida that is not a short sale. Only in Panama City Florida real estate can you find this to be the case. I am not exactly sure. Goodbye for now.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Take A Look At Alachua County Florida Short Sales

Let’s talk about short sales in Alachua county Florida. There are many short sales everywhere in the state of Florid and particularly areas like Gainesville Florida which is in Alachua County Florida – where the Alachua short sales are present. The Univeristy of Florida has a real estate shorts sale department as I understand and they are studying Alachua County short sale throroughly.

For more information on Gainesville and Archer Road and Alachua County short sales, check out the Alachua County Short Sales in Florida.

Monday, June 16, 2008

FHA Risk Pricing

Talking about FHA and the requirement for MIP and risked based premiums of mortgage insurance. I don’t have much time to talk about mortgage insurance risk based premiums or MIP premiums that vary by risk level. This is risk based pricing for fha and affects the mortgage insurance risk levels and tolerance for risk that FHA allows.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dynamics of Short Sales & Option Contracts

Using the option contract for short sale transactions at the title company may involve a double closing. This is different than a simultaneous closing. You have a double closing at the title company with the notice of option contract that is evident on the prelim title report. When the short sale is back to back with an end buyer who is obtaining fannie mae financing then you must close the short sale using an option contract at the title company.

Option Contract, Short Sales, & Title Companies

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I Hear a lot of talk about flagler county real estate

What did you hear about flagler county real estate and the alleged deals that are available in flagler county floirda? Is it that a short sale in flagler county can be bought for cheap?

You can buy a flagler county home for cheap these days. the flagler county real estate is available for cheap and at a discount in and around the flagler county area in florida.

Floirda is a great place to do a short sale and flagler county real estate is no exception. Here is a deal on real estate in flagler county. Why do you continue to read these flagler county real estate blogs and click the links that follow? Is it because you are amazed about flagler county real esatet or is it because you like to learn about cheap real estate in floirda?

Whatever the reason, continue to read and continue to click, after all...

It is helping the flagler county real estate post rise to the top of florida cheap real estate!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I Had a 580 Credit Score and I GOT AN FHA MORTGAGE LOAN!!!

This is more of an fha loan witha 580 credit score post. The lower the creit score the harder it is to get fha mortgAGE LOANS UNDER 620 FICO LEVEL.

FHA Mortgages for 580 FICO

FHA Lenders giving fha mortgage below 580

Below 620 Mortgage that is FHA

Under the FHA Credit Score Level

FHA, FHA, FHA is below my FICO of 620

Stop saying FICO below 620 and below 580 FHA for a minute and listen to the fha under 580 post.

That is all for today. Check back later if you liked this post. Leave a comment if you like fha. Shout out to my fha underwriter and my boy with the 580. Tsup!