Saturday, June 28, 2008

Selling a Short Sale in Bay Florida

Selling a short sale in Bay County Florida is easier said than done. First you must contact the real estate mortgage holder in bay County and let them know the Bay COunty property is a candidate for foreclosure at the Bay County Courthouse. Next, you must submit a short sale package to teh Bay County short sale negotiator.

Did you get a real estate short sale contract on teh Bay County property? You will need that in the real estate for Bay County to be successful with your realtor. Take your time and evaluate the MLS first.

Finally, sell you Bay County short sale to the FHA buyer at a fair price. This is how you sell a short sale in Bay County Florida. And that is contrary to teh real estate in the state of FLorida that is not a short sale. Only in Panama City Florida real estate can you find this to be the case. I am not exactly sure. Goodbye for now.

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