Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I Had a 580 Credit Score and I GOT AN FHA MORTGAGE LOAN!!!

This is more of an fha loan witha 580 credit score post. The lower the creit score the harder it is to get fha mortgAGE LOANS UNDER 620 FICO LEVEL.

FHA Mortgages for 580 FICO

FHA Lenders giving fha mortgage below 580

Below 620 Mortgage that is FHA

Under the FHA Credit Score Level

FHA, FHA, FHA is below my FICO of 620

Stop saying FICO below 620 and below 580 FHA for a minute and listen to the fha under 580 post.

That is all for today. Check back later if you liked this post. Leave a comment if you like fha. Shout out to my fha underwriter and my boy with the 580. Tsup!

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