Sunday, March 2, 2008

Chase Loss mitigation Department

Working your short sale with JP Morgan Chase is easy if you have the contacts with thei rloss mitigation side. The key is to bring coffee to teh loss mitigator that was fired by Angelo Mozillo at the loss mitigation picnic at Countrywide. The supervisor went to work at IndyMac Loss Mitigation Department but they still keep in touch and skip trace with loss mitigation loan modification files.

Larry talked with both loss mitigators before approving the short payof request for the second mortgage at Chase. the file had to be approved for Litton Loan Services to allow a short sale on the first mortgage with Chase.

Don't drink coffee and work with the CEO of Countrywide unless you are a really talented loss mitigator. Even then I wouldn't recommedn you did that with a Chase short sale package.

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