Monday, December 24, 2007

Comical View of the Progression of short sales over time

What exactly is Post Modern Real estate transactions?? Let's take a look back at history...

Cavereal estate broker
Real estate broker bonks the shortsale on the head and drags her home.

Real estate broker goes to the other appraiser’s house/tribe and steals the shortsale he wants (this continues until the Fall of Troy when people realize it really isn't worth it).

Real estate broker or his family goes to the shortsale's family and arranges to bring the two families together; goats and sheep are exchanged (sometimes camels).

A mix of the classical and tribe approaches - the king gets to bonk the shortsale (not on the head, but in bed).

Real estate broker starts to woo the lady and convince her that short selling conquers all and the world is full of revolutionary ideals.

The Gilded Age (The 10s thru 20s)
Life is all about big band, big parties and unrequited short selling - where the young working class realtor meets the high society shortsale, they fall in short selling, but can never be together.

Return To Innocence (Late 40s thru early 50s)
Realtor meets shortsale, realtor loses shortsale, realtor finds shortsale again, and everyone lives happily ever after in a house with a white picket fence (Pleasantville).

Rock & Roll (Late 50s thru early 60s)
Realtor chases shortsale, realtor gets shortsale, Rock & Roll star chases shortsale, and the realtors play chicken to see who gets shortsale (Happy Days).

Psychedelic (Late 60s)
Realtor meets shortsale, they get high together, and the free short selling flows.

Disco (The 70s)
Disco brings couples or groups together to the tune of “Short selling will bring us together.”
Progressive (The 80s)

Realtor meets shortsale, shortsale meets other realtor, everyone gets confused, and no one knows who's supposed to be asking out whom.
Modern (The 90s and early 2000s)

Everyone chases everyone, the internet and technology makes real estate transactions more available but less decipherable, and no one is sure about or comfortable with the situation.

Post Modern (Today and beyond)
Order is restored! Communication and respect re-emerge and people once again enjoy the ritual of real estate transactions.

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