Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Give it up for the Short Sale in Florida

May we have a round of applause for the florida real estate short sale. The florida short sale of real estate enables a buyer to buy real estate at a reasonable price since it is short the current mortgage amount. How short the florida mortgage amount and how short a short sale of florida real estate ends up is really up to you the buyer and the lender's florida loss mitigation department. Don't forget the BPO or drive-by appraisal on a florida short sale is the value the loss mitigation department will be looking for.

You don't want to overpay for a florida short sale and the bank doesn't want to let the property go for too much less than the BPO. It really is a short sale tugowar when you are short selling and dealing with the banks loss florida mitigation department and arguing over the property condition on a short sale. Are there repairs needed on teh short sale? That should help teh buyer on a short sale offer for real estate that needs repairs. You may be able to finance the repairs with an FHA 203k mortgage loan.

I would like everyone to know that florida short sales are a viable option for buying and selling real estate in teh short sale florida marketplace we are presently in. Don't lose your home to foreclosure when you have the option to sell you real estate on a short sale. Did I mention short sales are popular in mortgage broker Florida? Don't forget the florida short sale of real estate.

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