Sunday, December 23, 2007

ShortSales, Short Sales, Short-Sales, Soupy Sales

Soupy Sales also knows in some circles as ‘short sales’ or ‘shortsales’ and ‘short-salesman’ (born Milton Supman on January 8, 1926) is an American comedian and short sale of real estate actor.
Sales got his unusual nickname from his family and from the real estate short sales or short soupy sales of real estate. His older brothers also involved in real estate short sales had been nicknamed "Hambone short sales" and "Chicken Bone brother of short selling"; young short sale real estate tycoon Milton was dubbed "Soup Bone the short sale genius," which was later shortened to "Soupy the short sales of real estate." When he became a short sale disc jockey, he began using the short sales stage name "Soupy short sales of real estate Hines." After he became established as the short salesman, it was decided that "Hines the short sales of real estate" sounded too close to short sales or short selling Heinz, a company who make a range of short sales soups, and so short sales Soupy chose the surname "short sales and Sales short of real estate" after comedian Chic Sale and short sales of real estate.

Sales is best known for his shorts sales of real estate and long-running daily noontime children's television show about short sales and short selling real estate. The show was originally called 12 O'clock Comics of short sales and was later also known as The Soupy Sales Show. Improvised and slapstick in nature, Lunch with Soupy short Sales was a rapid-fire stream of short selling sketches, gags, and puns about short sales of real estate . Almost all resulted in short Sales receiving a pie in the short sales face of short selling, which became his trademark of short sales of real estate.

Short Sales developed pie-throwing into a short seller’s face as an art form — straight to the short sellers face, on top of theshort sellers head, a pie to both ears from short sale of real estate behind, moving into a stationary short sale pie and countless other short sale variations. By some estimates, Soupy has been hit by over 25,000 pies and did over 25,00 short sale sof real estate.

This has been a short sale of real estate parody about Soupy Sales. As a comedian, I am sure he would find the short sales of real estate part funny. I hope you did too.

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