Sunday, February 17, 2008

MR. Florida Foreclosure worked a short sale

In addition to becoming one of the world's most loved short sale authors in Florida, Short Sale Expert and Real Estate Guru Mr. Florida Foreclosure worked as a loss mitigator, a bankruptcy paralegal, and a foreclosure consultant. Mr. Florida Foreclosure also wrote other short sale books under the pseudonyms Short Sales Gone Bad and Foreclosure Among Us.
He graduated from Foreclosure University, where he edited the school’s short sale loss mitigation professors notes twice, and pursued a Ph.D. in Loss Mitigation from HUD at the mortgagee’s conference in Orlando Florida, ultimately dropping out when he decided his short sales weren’t needed for Foreclosure University post foreclosure and are "astonishingly irrelevant." They certainly did little to aid his short sales for the Department of HUD and an imagination in the creation of the environmentally conscious Loss Mitigators at Chase Mortgage and fractious foreclosures, not to mention the indescribable forbearance plan given where people were doomed to fail and end in Florida forelcosure without the help of a short sale. Dr. Foreclosure claimed his ideas started with short sales and preforeclosures: "I may short sale a condo in Florida a couple of times; if they talk to loss mitigation and each other, it's going to be a short sale in florida."

Larry Linkler contributed to the success of this florida short sale

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